27 February 2009

Oh Jasper !!!!!

Today is one of those days when Mum says "Oh Jasper" a lot. I wanted my food and when mum gave it to me I promptly had a sniff and walked away with my nose in the air. Oh Jasper!!. I cant help it if I have faddy days when nothing suits. I have meowed to be allowed in the yard and when mum gave in promptly walked out turned around and came straight back in. Oh Jasper!!
Every time mum turned around in the kitchen I was right behind and close by for her to trip over, almost dropping a hot dish. Oh Jasper !! Mum was sorting out some papers and looking for one in particular, I helped by jumping on the pile and shooting the papers everywhere. Oh Jasper !!
Dad was looking for some tools for work down the cellar, I helped by jumping up and knocking down a tool bag scattering tools everywhere. Oh Jasper !!
I ponced om mums knitting bag and managed to unravel three inches of knitting Oh Jasper. I stalked a flower petal hanging down from a vase of flowers and mum just caught the vase. Oh Jasper.!!
Well us cats have to have days keeping the beans on their toes don't they? Mum says she loves me really even though I have been a real pain today. Two piccies here of me peeping ready to pounce.
Hugs Ginger Jasper xxxx


Beetle said...

Oh Jasper! Ha ha! It's a cats job to investigate and to pounce and to be fussy and.... and....

Purrs, Sukie x

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


So I'm not alone with those days of 'Khyra...Khyra...OH KHYRA'???

Good work!


Shadow / Molly said...

Ooooooooo Jasper! Yoo did nuthin wrong, its up to us kittehs to keep the beans in line dontcha know?

BenTheRotti said...

ooohh I'm kinda impressed, thats a lot of mischief in one day!

Ben xxxx

Mr. Black said...

Jasper -- I think you do more before 8:00 am than most cats do all day!