25 February 2009

Fun with the critters

I started off the day determined to kill those pesky little critters and have done my darn est to succeed. Mum got the camera out and tried to get me several times when I was stalking them and jumping out from behind furniture to attack, she missed me most times but got a couple of me. Then when I was resting from all the exertion mum put all the critters on me. Take a look at what she did.
So glad my little friend Sweet Praline is doing well and feeling better.
Hugs Ginger Jasper xxx


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

My plan is working!

The toys wear woo out AND it makes it easier fur me to get woo!


MacVet said...

Hahaha! You look like a train carrying passengers!


Mr. Black said...

Hi Ginger!
You are a nice looking cat! Plus, you have some nice looking toys. I really don't need toys since I am an outside cat, so the world is my oyster. Elvis, the indoor cat, has toys, but he tries to play with them when no one is looking.

I'll be back to see what you're up to. Thanks for stopping by my place earlier. We enjoyed your visit.

Cat with a garden said...

That is a lovely stretched position. And I can see what you said about your tail: very floofy! Almost fox-like.
Purrs and thanks for visiting, Siena

Cliff and Olivia said...

Those sneaky humans! You can't even take a well deserved nap without being harassed AND photographed.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, no! We just read Khyra's comment. We'll come help protect you.

We read about your gifts on Ben the Rottie's. You sure are a gorgeous kitty.