31 December 2015

A wish for New Year xxxx

I don't know why but I am finding it difficult to blog at the moment. Hopefully that will change in the new year.
      I couldn't let it pass without saying to all the very many treasured friends I have made over the years a very blessed and healthy New Year,
                                              Love to all
                             Carol xx

4 December 2015

Our magical trip and so much else....

It has been a while since I posted and so much has happened. We did the most magical trip ever. So many wonderful, unforgettable experiences that we will keep close in our memories forever. We have so many photo's to sort through but here are a few of some of our wonderful trip.
We have been manically busy since coming back , sorting out presents and Christmas things because we will be away again from tomorrow and wont be back until the 23rd. Its been full on sorting but all done now.
The elephant experience was so moving. What majestic animals they are.

       We will never forget our walk with lions as long as we live. The most unforgettable and magical experience ever.


                                We adored the gorgeous Toby and Lexi. ( Max Dog ) They made us feel like royalty at their house.

    I was writing my diary sat on the deck when this fabulous experience occurred.25 elephants and so close,

                                So rare and so gorgeous.

                                The beautiful rainbow over Victoria falls.

                                   He was magnificent.

                                Quite a scary little monkey. Chased me back inside lol.

                                            Sleeping beauty.
       While we were away and on the day before mum's birthday we had another arrival. Meet Amelia our newest great granddaughter,

    We knew our sweet GJ was with us on our trip and watching what we were doing. We felt him and mum close to us.

Take care everyone.
With love x

28 October 2015

Exciting, wonderful trip...

When I was a small girl at school I marvelled at all the wonderful animals and safari's in a place called Africa .I kept that dream all my life and never thought it would come true. This weekend it does come true when Barrie and I jet of to South Africa to follow that dream. Barrie my wonderful husband said lets do it. Caryl my blog friend said come her. It all came together and we are going. I gave springs on my feet. Hopefully we will get many photographs to share.  

                          So excited ........ Thank you Ann for the gorgeous graphics.......

21 October 2015

A few from our 40.s weekend........

This weekend was our last 40's event for the season. We loved meeting all our friends and having fun but also remembering with respect the one's who lost their lives in the war. Here are a few of the many photo's taken.
                               I have been making knitwear to original 40's patterns. I love this red one.

                                   Louis is gorgeous. Such a sweety. His dad made him a new coat.

                     My favourite uniform because it was my regiment when I was a nurse in the army.

                                    I loved this little one dressed as a evacuee
                                He was gorgeous and climbed all over me...
                           Of course the lovely Coco, alone now his brother Nugget left for the bridge.

               Just to show how many people come to see and also to join in. This was just after the parade...
                                       Hope you liked a little look at the event..