12 July 2023

Hello my old blog friends

When I got the latest E Mail from the lovely Ann I visited her blog and I was  so moved by all the wonderful memories of fur friends from our wonderful blogging days. What fun we all had. All the wonderful events we participated in. I made so many friends and met with so many in real life too . I have such special memories. I so miss those days. How many of our lovely fur friends have now left for the bridge but their lovely memories go on and hold a special place in our hearts. 

My family has grown with great grandchildren following grandchildren. Time goes by so quickly nothing is promised in this world. Barrie and I have just got back today from a bitter sweet trip to Turkey. We have been visiting a lovely family hotel in the mountains for 22 years. Friends  we have met there have been spent happy holidays with us many times. Last year our friend Pete died after a short illness. Lin his wife asked several of us to go at the same time. There were 9 of us and Pete’s ashes were scattered half in the gardens there and half at sea. Pete so loved it there and loved the sea. He had a lovely private goodbye and we all felt it was special. Barrie and I got a little plaque to leave under the tree where Pete’s ashes were scattered. This all reiterated how fragile life is and how we must embrace it and live life to the fullest. 

 One thing I have  always wanted to do was ride a horse into the sea. Despite my ongoing back problems I wanted to do it while I was still somewhat able.The chance arrived while we were in Turkey and they could accommodate a novice with a gentle ride.  I knew I would suffer but oh how wonderful was the feeling. Was it worth the pain afterwards ? Yes it so was. I know I will never be able to do it again but the memories will live on with me. A very special day indeed. 

I just wanted to say hello to any blog friends that will still see this post. I will always remember my blogging days so very fondly, never to be forgotten.

Take care everyone

Make lots

 of memories.

Carol and Angel Ginger Jasper. http://pughysgingerfurball.blogspot.com/

6 June 2021

Hello from a stranger

 It’s been so long since I blogged that I had almost forgotten how to. I loved my blog so much and when We lost Our beautiful Ginger Jasper I blogged  less and less. It seemed that everyone was on FB and we kept in touch that way. Today for some reason I was reflecting on things and felt impelled to visit the blog. Hence this post. I have just sat and read all the previous blog posts and there are many and remembered all the wonderful encounters with so many blog friends. What wonderful experiences and what wonderful friends made along the way. We are none of us getting any younger and so many have left us for the bridge. I just wanted to say hello. In these uncertain times take care everyone. Sending love to all. 

I leave you with two photos of my grand kitty Bella. A beautiful stray rescued by my son and daughter in law and much loved. 

17 March 2017

Run free our beautiful Ben xxxx

When I first started blogging all those years ago, it was because I was feeling low and my daughter in law Sue who blogged with my grand dog Ben as Ben The Rotti suggested I do a blog. I loved it from the word go and I am thankful I started it. Ben had many followers and was loved by many. Ben was a rescue dog who had a wonderful life with his family and was joined by two more rescues Millie and Azzie the cat who adopted them.
   Last night our beautiful Ben lost his fight for life and ran off for the bridge on route to the vet in his mum's arms. Heartbroken.. Run free our sweet gentle Ben The Rotti. You were so loved and will be so very missed....

We loved you sweet gentle Ben. Tristan, Sue, Mollie and Lilli are so devastated and their home will never be the same without him.. Run free sweet one xxxxxx

31 December 2016

Wishing everyone a healthy and Happy 2017....

This past year has seen the loss of so many loved ones. Its going out with a bang too as our dear friend lost her fight on the 28th at just 54years old.  Linda was diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year and underwent lots of treatment. Just a short while ago she was given the words " its gone "and we celebrated with a party in our local. Joyous at the news. Just a few weeks later she was told its back and with a vengeance. we spent a few hours with her the day before we went away on holiday and all was positive with treatment and how it was going. We came home two weeks later on the 21st to find her in the hospice and very ill. Visiting  on the 23rd was so hard but we talked and shared a hug not realising it would be the last hug we did share. So I say to all live your life to the fullest possible and enjoy every minute as you never know round that next corner.

    I know I don't blog as much as I would like but I think of my many blog friends all the time and the love, laughter and sorry we shared. So wishing everyone a blessed, happy and healthy 2017 with love to all. Carol, Barrie and Angel GJ xx

25 December 2016

Wishing everyone a very blessed Christmas xx

I wanted to come and wish all our friends a very blessed Christmas with love.....

We are going to spend Christmas day with Tristan, Sue and Mollie and Lilli. Looking forward to that very much...

Sometimes small is very beautiful....

I just love this beautiful gift from Tristan Sue and the girls....

                                      Ben and Millie all ready for the winter...

Azzie all ready to party for Christmas....
                                Another gorgeous and very thoughtful gift.. I love it...
  Merry Christmas everyone
Carol, Barrie and Angel GJ xxx