Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Our Ben..

I got a text from Tristan saying he had tried to send me a picture of his boy but it wouldn't go through. Sue sent it to me and just look at him. Ben all snuggled up...
                      We photographed a friends wedding at the weekend and are bust editing the photo's here are a couple..
                            With the lucky chimney sweep...
                        We have our last 40's event of the season this weekend, hope the nasty weather picks up. Hope everyone is well and will catch up soon....

Saturday, 27 September 2014

For our friend Flynn....

Thank you Ann for the lovely graphic
Our sweet friend Flynn is poorly and I just wanted to say to him that he is in our thoughts and we send much love to him and to his mum and dad Jackie and Ivor. Please get well Flynn because we need to come and see you and give you many hugs and many kisses. Praying for you sweetheart.xxxx
                           You can visit Flynn       Here

Monday, 22 September 2014

A 40's wedding blessing...

                 Our friends Karen and Tony have been married 25 years and for their silver  anniversary had a 1940's style wedding. It was held at Eden Camp which is a original prisoner of war camp but is now a museum. Karen and Tony are very into the 40's scene and this was very fitting.
           The day was fabulous.........      Karen leaving home ( a  mock up 1940's prefab house )
                                         The dress and veil were made to a 1940's pattern..
                                       Don't they look the part..
                                  Some of the guests ( it was obligatory 40's attire )
                                      With bridesmaids
                                               A fun moment..
                                                  Barrie with Karen

               The evening part was back in their own town and was also a great night..
                                            The first dance...
                                          They didn't want presents but asked that if anyone liked to give a donation to the British Legion.. Here they are presenting to the chairman of the British Legion..
                                          Before we left for the night do.. A very dapper Barrie..

              We all had a fabulous time...

     Last night we had some worrying news, Karen and Tony were at a 40's event yesterday and we heard that Tony had collapsed and was in hospital. e had a small update to say they may let him home today but no concrete news. We so hope he is ok. To have such a wonderful day on Saturday and this to happen on Sunday is awful. Get well Tony xxx

Friday, 19 September 2014

Flashback Pirate day .....

                         Just a little flashback to join in with everyone on Meow like a pirate
                                          We so loved joining in with everything. x

Monday, 15 September 2014

A little late..

I had this post ready and thought I had posted it but when I looked I hadn.t A senior moment which are getting all to often lately. Saturday was Leon's 5th birthday.. How time fly's. Here are a few pictures from the birthday party...
                                          The birthday boy..

                                           Look how much Layton has grown..
                                               Alexis too.
                                               Leon, Alexis and Nicholas...
                                 I'm now getting around the blogs catching up...

Friday, 12 September 2014

A few animals from Turkey...

We always see many cats and dogs when we are away and often I feel so bad for them. This time there were many positives which made me feel so much better for the many animals there.
                                            This cutie was obviously well fed and relaxed..

                                        This one was waiting patiently for his owner to get his outer clothes off so they could go for a cooling swim. He ran down alongside him to the beach and then waited with a look that said hurry up. His owner told me they went into the water every day as it was so hot.
                                      I didn't see any one person with these two but they had several people during the day who obviously looked out for them and were very friendly..

                                       This cutie loved attention every time we went passed where he lived..
                               Down in the town there were lots of cats and this one was weaving in and out of our legs and letting us stroke and pet him.
                                          I made the mistake of picking him up and he let me know he was not happy by scratching me. The shop owner was so upset but said the cats were feral and although friendly now not used to being picked up yet. They were though all getting much more used to people. The best news was that the shops are open all year round and one of the ladies who lived there had instigated a TNR program and all the cats had been neutered and returned and were fed very well each day.
                              One of the large bowls of food left out for the kitties. Look at this cutie taking advantage of the buffet.
               I cat tell you how happy I was to hear about the TNR program and to know they were looked after so well. A huge improvement on other years. Hope everyone is well. I will try to get round the blogs and catch up as soon as I can.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Checking in .....

Just a quick post to say hi to everyone. I have been so busy this week but also very productive. The clean after the flood is all sorted and mostly put back to rights. The insurance company have been very good and did a lot of the clearing out for us via a skip. The sad thing is that as fast as the skip was filled up people were in it taking it back out. As we used the cellar for a lot of our storage there was two large food cupboards for tinned and jars etc. Two huge plastic bags were put in the skip and within twenty minutes two huge plastic bags were taken out. Tables chairs paint  and all sorts were put in and gone in a flash. I am happy that someone found a use for it all but sad that there is a need.
 I have this weekend had the most awful stomach bug and had to come home from work yesterday after being sick three times while driving to calls. I felt so bad leaving them in the lurch when we are so short staffed but its the first sicky I have had in 15 months.  I still haven't shook it off completely but hope its decides to go soon as we go away tomorrow for a week.
  Remember I told you last week that our granddaughter Mollie got great results in exams, well imagine our surprise when we opened the local paper and there she was smiling away as she received them. Magic.                            Mollie on the right with some of her friends.
                                              And her results.
                When we were sorting out I found two bags that had come from mum's after she died. I thought I had sorted everything out but must have forgotten about these. There was lots of old photo's and  spent a day  looking through them and remembering, laughing and crying. Here are a couple of really old ones.
                                                           Mum and her friend, mum on the left..
                                                     Another one with mum on the left.
                                           Mum and me around 1952...
                                          The ones of mum are taken in the 1940's and seen as how we now do 1940's re enactments do you see any resemblance at all.

      I have been trying all afternoon to comment on  blogs but am just getting not available web pages. Going to try again now as I was getting it on mine as well and am now in.

                                    We are away for a week from tomorrow so catch up later.