Thursday, 15 January 2015

A few of the little one's.......

A few pictures of the little one's..

                                                      Alexis trying on a pair of glasses...
                                                Nicholas in on the fun too..
                                                       Layton all wrapped up...
                     Rosie and Scott moved into a new home last week.. I think you could say Alivia loves her new bedroom...
Leon loves helping by feeding Layton...
                                             Leon loves his room too...
                                           Leon, Alivia and Layton watching a video...
                                         Leon in his new school uniform...
                    I wanted to send some love and hugs to my friends Jackie and Ivor because Flynn still needs lots of love and prayers to get well.
      I also send love and Hugs to The White Dog army because there sweet little rescue died in her new mums arms. I think she waited until she knew she was safe, loved and that she could leave for the bridge happy.
                      Hugs to everyone of our friends that need one. Take one free from me...

Friday, 9 January 2015

A little light relief....

I have been on nights the last few nights and last night was quite a  challenging one. Very busy with lots of call outs. Tie that up with mother nature throwing in very high winds and many objects like tree branches, recycle bins and rubbish jumping in the way. Plus on the motorway although many signs saying slow high winds a waggon decided to pass me at a far too high speed and almost force me into the barrier, scary stuff.
      At around 4:00 am on yet another call and very tired I and a colleague who I had called out opened the door to a house of a gentleman needing our help and we were greeted by this little one who was so friendly..

                                                          Hello she said... Welcome .....
A spot of catoga..
Smile for a picture......
Are you going to tickle my tummy
Pretty please
I am waiting
Enough with the pictures
yessss you know you want to tickle this tummy
Go on you want to...
At last, sorry a blurred picture but hard to get and tickle the tummy at the same time.
She was such a cutie and loved the attention. Fair to say I loved it too and it lifted the mood of the shift so much. This little cutie was a stray and 8 years ago the gentleman's wife said she is staying here with us. She gave so much pleasure to the lady who passed away a couple of years ago and the gentleman said he wouldn't be without the lovely little cat as she gives so much love. A win situation for both the kitty and the rescuers I think.
I love meeting the animals of the people I visit and the pleasure they give.
 Hugs Carol

Monday, 5 January 2015

The start to the new year....

First few days of year have gone by so fast, work etc. Exciting news is that we booked Barrie's bucket list trip. He always wanted to do the Panama canal and as he is 70 this year we wanted to do it before. We booked a cruise that goes there as well as many other wonderful ports. We go at the beginning of March.

                           Sue texted me these photo's of Ben thinking he is a Yorkshire terrier lol. I love how he has climbed on Tristan's lap.      

                                 Nicholas had his 5th birthday and had a surprise party. I couldn't go as working but they sent pictures. Looks like fun..
                                              Jamie 2nd youngest grandson with Layton youngest great grandson.
                      Arun youngest grandson..
                                   Looks like Layton enjoyed the birthday cake..
                                          Nicholas was so tired after all the excitement..
                                    I hope everyone is well.    Carol x

Wednesday, 31 December 2014


  To all our very dear friends.. Wishing you a very Healthy and Happy New Year.
                       I pray for all those that are ill to be well in 2015 and please no more friends leaving for the bridge as there have been far to many in so short a time.
                                     Love to all   Barrie and Carol xx

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Hugs and love to friends in need....

Our sweet friend Flynn is very ill and has his mum and dad worried sick. He has not been eating at all and had to go to the emergency vet. I did see a update a little while ago today that he has eaten a small amount. Keep it up sweet Flynn and start eating properly. Much love and hugs from
here. xx

                                     we just saw a short while ago that darling Joe from Marg's animals is hurt really bad. Wild dogs got into his paddock and he got tangled in some barbed wire. Poor Joe is hurt badly and is in a lot of pain. Much love and many hugs from here. Get well sweet Joe..

     We hate for friends to be ill. For all friends both fur and human we send love and prayers..
Love Carol x

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas to all our friends with Love ....

We would like to wish all our friends a very Happy Christmas with love from us both...

                        On Monday we went to visit the grands and greats to take their Christmas presents..
                                          Leon and Nicholas laughing with Barrie
                                             Leon, Nicholas. Alivia and Alexis...
                                          Leon and Alivia..
                                                  Jade, Dave and Nicholas and Alexis..
                                      Rosie and Scott with Leon. Alivia and Layton..
                                        A family shot..
                                               Milo wanted in too..
                                      Today Tristan and Sue and girls came to exchange presents..
                                                      Barrie  and I with Mollie and Lilli
                                                With Sue too..
                                               Me with the girls..

                                               With the girls and Tristan..
                                                           With Tristan and Sue and Mollie..
                                      Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and enjoy health and happiness. Next year I will blog more and catch up with commenting.
                                                       Love Carol x

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Catching up....

Well I know its been a while but I didn't realise how long. As usual things get in the way but also I miss writing about Jasper and don't want to just put lots of things that make everyone fed up of what I write. I took Lilli Christmas shopping on Wednesday and she said she had Ben looking on the blog for photographs and that I hadn't updated for ages. Lilli also said I was going to put on photographs of bonfire night and that I hadn't. Yes she is right, so here they are.
                                           When I picked her up Ben and Millie of course wanted a fuss and love.

                          Azzie of course had to be in the photo shoot.
                                               He is a cutie .....
                                          At the fireworks...
                                Jess the pub dog always wants a love.. Lilli is happy to oblige..
                   This is another visitor to the pub and so like Jess that I thought she was at first..
                                            More Jess hugs...
                           On Wednesday when we went shopping. Lilli had a photo with Santa. I think this will maybe the last year that it will happen so I love that we did it..


Hopefully I will catch up more often.
Bonfire night pictures when it is almost Christmas. Sheesh
Hope everyone is well
Hugs Carol