9 October 2008

Missed those darn feathered things again

Good morning everyone,

Well this morning set off quite well with me doing my usual patrol around looking for the crawly things. I then had a preen on my window ledge and said hi to all my fans. Then came the excitement, mum opened the door to go and hang her washing. I decided to go and have a look around. Hum not too cold today I,ll have a browse around the yard. Lots of leaves to play with, that will do for starters. I got a little fed up with that and looked around for more sport. That's when my neighbour from two doors down decided he would feed the birds. Well before too long there was a lot of the flying things up on the roof. Oh I couldn't, contain myself and was making those noised you do when you are sooo excited. I lay down low and got ready to take one or two out. well I took of across the wall and over next doors fence, one long leap and I was on the roof. When I got there they had all gone. well that's when I saw the old neighbour and his wife, my mum and the neighbour the other side all laughing at my expression and saying so much noise no wonder they all flew away. I ask you all laughing at me. !!!!!! What could a self respecting cat do but walk by them all tail held high and head for my place with all the dignity I could muster. Darn feathered things.. Foiled again. But there is always next time.

Hugs GJ xxxxx


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

...and in MY khase, darned feathered AND darned khrittered things!

Happy Thursday!


Sweet Praline said...

So sorry you didn't succeed and shame on the beans for laughing at you. You must teach your Mom to have her camera ready to take pictures of these events!

Shadow / Molly said...

Oh dat stinks, da fev vers were furry smart for once! Next time we bets yoo will get one.