5 October 2008

What a lovely bug filled morning

Hello everyone just wanted to tell you about my lovely morning. Firstly I went on my usual patrol for bugs and spiders. I looked under the pipes in the bathroom and was just in time to see a huge one of the long legged type just making a dash for it. Wow I was like lightening and pounced super quick. I had good fun there. Then when I was just feeling mightily pleased with myself along came a huge buzzing bug. well what a fun filled 20 mins I had. I did high leaps and jumps, swatted and punched the air. I chased it around the room causing mayhem and high jinx. But oh what fun. I took a mighty leap into the air, a twist and a swat with my paw and Yessssssss. I took it down. Ohhhh what fun and what bliss. I taught that bug not to venture into Jaspers domain.
I am now after all that exersion going to have to take a nap. The fire in on and the hearth rug is calling me so hugs to all I will go and relive that chase in my dreams.
Till next time.. GJ xxxxxxxxxx

Ps thanks for visiting my post. xxxxx


Beezer said...

Hi ya Jasper, its nice ta meet cha!

That is some good bug catchin'. I've been chasin' the same fly for a couple of days, I could have caught it, but the chase is so much fun I just let it go ... until the next time.

Shadow / Molly said...

Jasper, yoo still has buggies? We fink all ours leftdid, its cold and the mom closed all da fresh air seats. We do gets them long leggy ones sumtimes tho.

The Crew said...

Yum! There's nothing like the taste of freshly caught spidey.

BenTheRotti said...

ooohh there was a HUGE spider in the living room this morning, you would have loved it! I was too lazy to get out of my basket so I just watched it running around!

Ben xxxx

Sweet Praline said...

That sounds like a bunch of fun! I bet your mom screamed when she saw the long-legged one!

pughy said...

Hello you all,

Nooo mum didn't run away she dont mind spideys and is quite upset that I kill them all, hee hee. But yes to the crew they taste so good.

Oh Ben you should have got out of your basket and give that critter a run for his money. You are lazy Ben.
Love GJ xx

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi Ginger, we love bug hunting too! Speedy catches and Sadie eats dem and Zippy just applauds our work.

DEBRA said...

Hi there Jasper boy it sounds like you had a wonderful adventure with those buggies. I have a ginger brofur named Ping. He is a character! I also share my house with another brofur, Jinx and two sisfurs, Boo and Gracie.

It was nice to meetcha.