21 March 2009

Mums trip

Mum went to London to visit with her friend Natasha. They saw a show Carousel which they enjoyed although so different to what was expected.
The next day Natasha said she has always wanted to visit London zoo, this is what they did. Mum said there was some really cute animals, so here are a few.
There was even a bonus of a little robin which sat beside them for quite a while. ( grandma loved robins )

Mum said they were not as cute as me though. so that's OK.

Oh wonderful, a little friend to watch over mum

OK I will pose, is this my good side?


The otters were so cute...

This was quite strange, a cross between a zebra, a girraffe and a ?

They all went to bed like little lambs

Mum said this bird would have eaten me !!!!!!!


jenianddean said...

Great pictures. Mom loves giraffes. I'm glad your Mom had a nice visit to London.
--Jasper McKitten-Cat

Baby Patches Confessions of the Plume said...

Great pictures, sounds likes your mum had fun. I hopes you are having a good weekend.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh what a nice surprise for me to get such a sweet award. it comforts me to know how many nice friends are pulling for me at this trying time. Mommy wants the chocolate bunnies to come alive so she can eat them. They are her favorites!
The tiny robin with his cute red breast is the most darling pciture...hope your mum gets back home to you soon and brings you a nice treat from the big smoke!
Love Miss Peach

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I'm sure you're glad your mum is bakhk!

Tank woo fur sharing some of her pikhs!

The one of her with the city behind is furry nice!

PeeEssWoo: We'll see what Ben has to say about 'that'

Gattina said...

I have been so many times to London when my son lived there but I never went to the zoo ! Just didn't think about it. Love the little robin ! Don't ever think about it to consider it as your favourite plate !

Tracey and Huffle said...

That bird looks bigger than I am!

Huffle Mawson

Elin! said...

Oh how i wish i can go to Europe & US..

Anyway, nice trip!


GJ, don't u jealous of your mom?