26 October 2008

A new neighbour

Hello everyone,
Firstly to Ben,s mummy sorry you not been well didn,t realise you were still sick. Mum has been the same and so has great grandma. What a week.

Well we got a new little neighbour. The fist we heard was a lot of wailing and howling all night long from the man next doors house, it sounded like a very young little critter. Mum and dad were awake with it all night.

Next morning mum went out back and next doors door was open, she was cross and said what on earth,s going on. Well the man explained and said he had just got a new puppy. He had been told to put it in the kitchen at night and it would settle soon. 7 weeks old I ask you. Well mum told him it was too early to leave its mum for a start and it must be so afraid. He listened and said maybe he had been misinformed, he would give him plenty of hugs to make it up to him.

Well then mum clapped eyes on the little critter. Oh my gosh she went all gooey and started talking all baby talk. I got introduced to it and well I have to say for a dog he is kinder cute. I have to be " friends " apparently. Mmmmmmmm we will see when I have assessed him a bit more.

Mum brought him around to ours yesterday and my oldies took pictures of him. I had to endure him scampering around me, but I didn,t scratch him, I just hid behind a chair leg and gave him my best haughty look.

I have put a couple of pictures on for you to check the little critter out and see what you think.

Hugs from GJ xxxxx


BenTheRotti said...



Mum and Dad are melting into puddles at the cuteness!! 7 weeks old. thats way too young to leave its Mummy.. what irresonsible numpty sold them a puppy at 7 weeks old!!
Well.. i think it needs to come and live here.. right away.. Mum's IN LOVE!!

Sorry grandma and great grandma have not been well, we didn't realise! Mum missed Moll's Harvest Festival for the first time ever, she was so upset!
Still, she should have lost a few pounds, she didn't eat for days!! hehehe

Hope Grandma and Great Grandma are all better,

love and tailwags,

Ben xxxx

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh My!

What a khutie!!

And WAY WAY WAY too young to have left his mum -

I think I heard Ben's mum and dad making those 'oh my puppy' words all the way 'khross The Pond!!!


Sweet Praline said...

For a woofie, he is kind of cute!

Shadow / Molly said...

Oh my cat's even us kittys knows dat 7 weeks is way to early to leave our fur moms. What was dat bean finkin? Poor pup, we hope it cheers up soon!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...


I tried to e-mail you the DWB Card Exchange List, however, the e-mail was pushed back to me saying that your e-mail didn't exist.

Could you e-mail my human at amy.holstein@gmail.com with your correct address?


Mr. T-Bone Beasley