4 February 2009

I prefer to be curled up warm


I showed you my cousin Ben out in the white cold stuff. ( silly these doggies )

Now a couple of me curled up in the warm on the same day. It was dropping lots of the white stuff from the sky but I cared not as I just chilled in a favourite place and tucked my nose in close. Bliss xx

Hugs Ginger Jasper xxxx


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

The khurling up in a warm spot is made all the sweeter after khoming in from the snowy khold!

Woo should try it!


Poopsie aka Blue said...

Like you I prefer being curled up in the warm.
Woke to snow this morning - 4" fell here over nite - that rarely happens.

Gentle strokes

PS - my colour meme today is orange - purrfect for you sweetie!

Ariel said...

Your snow there even made the news here in Whisk-onsin. Stay warm!