19 February 2009

Days out with the beans

Hello everyone, well my mum has been preoccupied the last two days as she has for the first time in a lot of years been able to spend some time at half term with the little beans. Before mum had to spend all her time when not at work looking after grandma. As you know grandma passed away in November. Mum booked some time of work as it is half term and Ben's mum and her took the beans out.
Yesterday they went to Digger land, which is a theme park were you get to drive the diggers and other machine,s. The weather was not good to them as it rained all day, but they managed to have a good time and get covered in mud too. They went for a ride through some woods and what huge animals they saw. glad I wasn't there as they look pretty scary to me.
Today they went to a place called Magna. That is a closed down steel factory which has been turned into a science fun place. They got to do lots of interactive things with floors for, fire, earth, water and air. There was also a huge outdoor play park and although it was very cold they had a good time.
I will post some pictures in a couple of posts so you can see what a good time they had. The first picture is for Khyra as it is a picture of your friend Ben. Enjoy Khyra. It is also Ben's mums birthday today. Happy birthday auntie Sue, xx
Hugs Ginger Jasper xx


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh tank woo!

I've almost furgotten what Handsome Ben looks like!

Too bad woo khouldn't get to go too!

Happy Birfday to Ben's mum! I wonder if he gets to share KHAKE!?!


Sweet Praline said...

I'm glad your mom had a good time.

Thanks for dropping by today with the well wishes. Mom says I appear to be feeling a little better. Please keep me in your thoughts and purrayers!