3 October 2008

Good morning

Hello and a good morning to all my new friends on blogger. I have spent a very busy morning chasing around out back. I managed to scare all the birds away just as the gent three doors down had put out some food for them. Mum said I had to stop but hey I am a cat after all. She says there is no chance of me catching one though as I make far too much noise as I hit the three fences before I get there. I cant figure out why they have all gone and mum says my expression is funny when I look around to an empty space.
I am now sat in my very favourite spot on the window ledge and am looking for my fan club to go by. They always stop and say hello so I get preen a little and see how cute I am.
Well hope you like my pictures and I will go try to visit some more blogs. Some are realy good blogs but when I visit I cant seem to find out how to leave my comments on there. I will keep trying though.

Love GJ xxx


BenTheRotti said...

Hey GJ,

I thought of the purrfect Christmas present for you.. a collar with very loud bells!


Ben xxxx

Asta said...

Hi Ginger
I bet you have tons of fans..who wouldn't want to see you evewyday..you awe gowgeous
smoochie kisses

Shadow / Molly said...

Fev vers really are the best to chase whiles they are still attached to da fev ver creature!

pughy said...

Hello and thanks for the lovely comments. hum a loud bell cheeky Ben.

Tried to put a comment on your sites Asta and shadow ans Mollie but couldn't put one on. Thank you so much. You are a very pretty doggie Asta. Shadow and Molly you are gorgeous. You look full of fun too. GJ xxx

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Just as you are a khat,

I am a khanine!

We are what we are!


Sweet Praline said...

You get to go outside???? Mom makes me stay indoors, so I just get to dream about the live fev-vers.

Shadow / Molly said...


Where your area says "comments" ours says "piles of yack", everyones is different we fink. And fank yoo we fink yoo are pawsome lookin too!!