30 September 2008

Hello, Ginger Jasper here. I am new to this so you will have to bear with me please. I am a very lovable Ginger, ( or persian red to give my posh title) I have a posh name too Tiny Tots Caramar Toffee to be exact. I prefer Jasper. Better dont you think? I just got into this blogging to maybe meet other likeable cats. I will keep this short for now and see what happens next. Love from me Ginger Jasper. xxx


BenTheRotti said...

Hello Ginger Furball,

Glad you finally decided to get your paws online.
I will send some of my cat friends over to say hi and maybe even some of my doggy friends.. they are all cat friendly and won't try to eat you!

love and slobbers,

Ben xxxxx

pughy said...

Thank you and hope to hear from some of your friends too. I dont mind doggies so long as I am not dinner. xxxxx

Sophie Brador said...

Hey GJ, Just so you know, I would totally try to pick you up if we made nose to nose. Not to be mean. Just to see what you feel like. I don't know why all you cats take it the wrong way.


Lacy said...

w00f's Jasper, nice to meeted u, ben said fur us to come say woofies...me iz rocky, and me iz 2 yrs old..me likes to chase kittys, wood dat b ok?

b safe,

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Ummmm -

I'm not sure we are ALL khat friendly -

Huffle has warned me about ones that are this kholour!!

She says ONLY the blakhk ones are to be trusted!

PeeEssWoo: Woo do taste like chikhken, eh?

Asta said...

Welcome Gingew Jaspew fuwwball cutie
You awe vewy pwetty..I have lots of catses fwiends..you should go visit them
smoochie kisses

Tracey and Huffle said...

Hmmmm... Hello Jasper. I am here because Ben is my best rottie friend. I am a black cat. I haven't met very many orange cats before - I hope we can be friends! Unlike Khyra, I am fairly certain that you do not taste like chicken.

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hmmmm. Ben forgot to invite us over. But we found you anyway. And we're so glad we did. You are a beautiful lady,.

We'll have to let the CB know you're here.

Brownie said...

Hi there!
I knew your friend Ben and came in to say hello :)
You'll have some GREAT friends in the blogosphere :D

jenianddean said...

Hi Ginger Jasper ... I'm Jasper, too! And there's a Jazper out there as well. Good to meet you!
--Jasper McKitten-Cat

The Cat Realm said...

That's a good one! "You'll keep this short and see what happens...." as Jan has put up an announcement on the Cat Blogosphere I assume you will have lots of visitors and your life will change forever, hahahahahahaha!
Mrs. OZ, Tintin and karl

Sweet Praline said...

Hello Ginger! I saw the announcement on the Cat Blogosphere, so I wanted to come by and say hello. It is so very nice to meet you. There are not many flat-faced, floofy kitties on the cat blog. Please come by and say hello and also consider joining the floof and fur gang at http://floofandfur.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hello, Ginger! Welcome to the blogosphere!

Ummm, we have lots of spiders here. Just thought you'd want to know.

Mack said...

Any friend of Ben's is a friend of ours!

Chance said...

Hai Jasper! Welcom to da cat bloggyspheres. Wanna be fwiends wif me? My naym iz Chance an I liv wif a woofie named Shadow. Dona wurry doh, hez cool.

pughy said...

Oh hello everyone and thank you so much for the lovely comments.I was so glad to see them all when I logged on earlier. I am going to reply as a whole as not sure yet how to do seperate replies. I will ask Ben how to do that but for now here goes.Sophie not sure I would like to be nose to nose but like the look of you, your cute.Brownie your so lovely.
Rocky ohh nooo I dont want to be chased thanks all the same.Khyra I am to be trusted realy and no I am not like chicken. Just sweet cat.I think you are the one Ben is sweet on.Asta you are lovely and I will go visit your cat friends, thanks for the invite.Huffle you are so lovely and I would love to be your friend. My colour is lovely sort of all creamy on the underside, but yes orange like a carrot on top.I love your eyes so dark and deep. Jasper Mc kitten cat you are very like me ,hello and good to see you. Oh the cat realm I like the sound of that. Lots of lovely cat lovers.Sweet Praline I will come by and say hello and thanks for the invite.Gandalf and Grayson lots of spiders ohh what bliss. I spend lots of time pearing down little holes ans gaps were I have seen and captured a spider from before. I love chasing spiders. Hello Mack nice to see you. Jans funny farm. Sounds like a fun place to me. Glad to see you and thanks but I am a guy not a lady. LOL

Shadow / Molly said...

Hello Ginger! Welcome to the CB, we loves to meet new kittys. Yoo is furry floofy and bootiful!

Junior said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Ginger!!!

Niko and Cloud said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oooops! Sorry about calling you a guy. We just looked and this isn't mentioned anywhere and for some reason just assumed Ginger to be a girl. But we were kind of loopy yesterday after hours of trying to upgrade our blog.

You are a very handsome mancat!

You don't actually have to reply to comments on your blog. Some do, dome don't. We prefer to visit the commenter and leave a reply where they'll be sure to read it. And we read and comment on their post at the same time.

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Hi there Jasper, it is great to meet you! You are a very handsome mancat, that's for sure! You will make many wonderful furriends in the cat blogosphere ... it is the best place in the world for us kitties! Stop by and visit us sometime!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
The St. Louis Meezers

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Hi Ginger Jasper!

Welcome to the Cat Blogospheer! We had a brofur named Jasper but he wasn't ginger, he was all white. Buddy & Jasmine are gingers and you'll hear from a hole lot of ofur gingers too. Come see us sometime!


Riley & Tiki said...

Hi Jasper! Nice to meet you. We live with a woofie too!

Brownie said...

Oh Thank you!!! ♥ You too :o3

Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail said...

Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. Always happy to have more cats around.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hey, GJ. We heard about you on the Cat Blogosphere, and we thought we'd drop by to say 'HI'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger Jasper, i love cats but unfortunately cats don't like me :( I only want to play with them.
Anyway a big welcome to the blogging world hope you get lots of friends.

lots of licks


Shadie the Aussie said...

Why Hello Ginger!
Thank you for stopping over at meh blog! Tis' the first time I've had a kitty visit, and I'm honored.

I sure do love to catch bugs, I'm glad to meet someone else who shares the interest.

Welcome to the blogging world, I'm pretty new too!

I'll keep checking back on you, my new feline friend!

Tail Wags,

pughy said...

Good morning and hello to everyone who replied to me. This morning I have allready managed to catch a spider in my favourite spot under the cupboard. I am not supposed to go under there as there are electrics but there are too many spiders that try to hide there for me not to have a peek.
Another favourite sport of mine is stalking and chasing the leaves that fall out back. I spend a long time doing that. One of my human beans that lives here (pretends not to like cats)shakes his head and says daft ginger moggie. He lets me sit on his legs and lifts me up and down. I like that.His favourite saying is you daft ginger moggie, but out comes the camera to capture what I am doing. LOL. well all this chasing and talking has tired me out I will have to go and try catch some zzzz's on the window ledge.
should catch my fan club at this time too so some nice feely comments from out the window. Thanks again to all that dropped by and I am getting better so have managed to visit some blogs and will try to get to more.
Love GJ xxx